We are providing you with a complete solution to passively monetize your computing power and rewarding you with our GMRX tokens for future purchases from our marketplace or withdrawing USDT. You will never be asked for your payment information or credit card.

Follow these 4 simple steps:

Click the download link

Install the app
(make sure you allow the Windows “exceptions” notifications)

Start the platform and login
(with one click using the Google or Discord button you’ll see)

Share with your friends using your unique NEP (Network Expansion Program) link, which you’ll see in the platform

*If you have any issues with the 4 steps click here: https://help.gaimin.gg/beta/en/

The Platform
Consists of six core components

Games Platform | Blockchain Based Wallet | Decentralized Digital Game Assets Market
Communication/Chat Program | Social Media Control Panel | Music Panel

Our Features

Your Wallet

My Gaming Assets | My GMRX | My Crypto F.M. Progress | My Subscription

User can view and manage their personal gaming assets, GMRX tokens (send/receive), manage other cryptos, view functional mining progress (for new asset acquirement) and view details of their platform “subscription”


My Network | My Balance | Refer a Friend

User can view their personal NEP referrals performance in graphical and list view, and configure and access referral tools and links, configure messages for social media etc.

Coming Soon

(Future updates)

Rent | Sell | Buy | Auction | Request | Help

User can manage all aspects of their marketplace and related transactions of gaming assets

* Viewable only for users with VR headsets

Users with a VR headset can view the whole platform and access it via the menus from this VR interactive interface.

Ranking | Set up Team | Gaming News | Shopping with GMRX | Social Media Feed | Community Chat Board | Help

User can access all community related menus, interact with other users, challenge, view gamer rankings, tournaments, participate etc.